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A Khanqa is an established religious center from where the activities of a silsila are conducted.  These centers were established by the ma’shaaikh so that those seeking spiritual upliftment may attend the programs such as the Khatme Khwajegaan, zikr etc at the khanqa.  It is important for the murshid to be present in the khanqa which makes him easily accessible to all the people at any time.  For those that are mureeds of a silsila that have these centers, it is compulsory for them to attend and take part in all the activities of the khanqa.  These khanqa’s throughout the various eras have served as a touch of guidance and hope to humanity.  From the khanqas that were established in various parts of the world the Sufis spread the message of Islam by love and selfless service to humanity.  All the affairs of the khanqa are under the supervision of the murshid.  There are many advantages of attending a khanqa.  Listed below are a few.

Advantages of attending a Khanqa

1.    By associating with the pious, one begins to adopt the habits and ways of the pious.

2.    A brotherhood between mureeds become established.

3.    One is prevented from attending places of evil and vices.

4.    Attending the spiritual practices such as zikr, khatme kwajegaan etc brings comfort to one’s heart and mind.

5.    The love for the Aulia become established in one’s heart.

Rules of conduct in a Khanqa

1.    The khanqa is a religious establishment as explained above therefore it should be respected.

2.    There should be no smoking and unnecessary talking in the khanqa.

3.    One must show love and respect to all that attend the khanqa.

4.    Visitors and guests must be welcomed and shown love and respect.

5.    Everyone is to be treated equally and no priority is to be given to one because of their wealth, parentage or social position.

Please Note

The upkeep and maintenance of the khanqa and its practices is the duty of all the mureeds.  Mureeds do not need any type of special invitations to attend the functions and programs at the khanqa because the day that they have become mureed, they have become servants of the spiritual master and the silsila.  These practices are held for the benefit of the mureeds.


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